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graduate students



Rabindra Chaulagain (Cultural, Social and Political Thought), supervisor. Dissertation project: Identity and Integration of Nepali-Speaking Bhutanese Community in Southern Alberta (Fall 2018-present)

Roxanna Epe (Cultural, Social and Political Thought), supervisor. Dissertation project: Displacement and Social Protection in Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines (Fall 2017-present)




Jacklyne Cheriut (Women and Gender Studies), supervisor. Thesis: Masculinities and Young Men’s Involvement in Sexual and Reproductive Health:  The Case of Family Health Options Hospital Youth Program in Eldoret, Kenya (Spring 2018-present)


Greta Vardazaryan (Women’s Studies), supervisor. Thesis: Gender, Migration, and Practices of Political Participation in Lethbridge (September 2014- April 2016 completed). https://opus.uleth.ca/handle/10133/4479

Semedeton Ilo (Individualized Multidisciplinary Master of Arts, IMMA), supervisor. Thesis: The Power of Agency: Transformation of Gender Roles and Martial Relations among Nigerian Immigrant Women in Lethbridge, Alberta (January 2013 –December 2015 completed). http://opus.uleth.ca/handle/10133/3858